Midnight Flyer #7

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Actual disc not pictured. Color and stamp may vary.

Flight Rating - 11/5/-5/1

The Midnight Flyer #7 Glow Sail is now available, just in time for glow golf season! The new Midnight Flyer series saw its first disc in 2013, on the 35th anniversary of the original launch, as Ken and Ed Headrick released the original DGA Midnight Flyers series back in the early days of disc golf in 1978. To date, six different discs (Squall, Breaker, Hurricane, Steady, Tsunami, and Quake) have been released in the new Midnight Flyer series. For the seventh disc in the series, the DGA Sail was selected! Be sure to add #7 to your MNF collection before they are all sold out!

DGA Sail is a controllable distance driver that has understable characteristics and is great for all levels of play. Those with slower arm speeds will quickly make this their go-to distance driver, while players with faster arm speeds will have fun launching this disc into huge anhyzers and turn-over shots. The Sail produces effortless glide, allowing players greater distance and control. Looking for a disc to get max distance in tough wooded situations that need touch and finesse? The Sail will prevail.