Andrew Marwede LE ProLine Swirl Rift

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Actual disc not pictured. Stamp and color may vary.

Flight Rating - 5/4/-1/1.5

This Limited Edition run of ProLine Swirl Rifts are in support of Andrew Marwede's tour. 

The DGA ProLine Swirl Rift is an amazing point and shoot straight-flying midrange disc with favorable glide. This midrange can be used in many different situations and really shines for straight tunnel shots, slight turnover lines, and slow fading hyzers. We made this limited run in collaboration with DGA to support Andrew Marwede. The ProLine plastic feels great, the swirls look amazing, and the artwork by John Dorn will have your friends asking what it is. Grab a few, because you will be reaching for the Rift time and time again!